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We make your company go mobile. Whether you need business or public store applications, we provide the best services tailored for your needs

Beyond mobile

A mobile application is usually only a small part of the story. What about server code, cloud services, desktop applications? Chimerapps can help you with the entire picture, integrating with BAAS services, writing server code and anything that is needed for the best connected experience!

Why Chimerapps?


High quality native android applications based on customer needs. Both consumer oriented and applications for internal use

Maximum Performance

Getting maximal performance by constantly monitoring and measuring performance and optimising where we can


We develop our applications with security in mind. In addition, we provide services for security analysis

About Us

Chimerapps was founded early 2014 by Nicola Verbeeck, previously owner at VerNico IT Solutions.

This means Chimerapps builds on years of experience in
building high quality android applications
for both end-users and business clients.

  • Only the best

    Only the highest quality code guarantees a stable application. And unstable applications are bad for the image of your business! We at Chimerapps constantly school ourselves with the latests developments in (mobile) software development to bring you the best possible experience

  • Guidance

    Even though the mobile scene has been around for a number of years, it’s still relatively young and it’s easy to lose track. We provide consultancy services that guide and aide you in getting the most out your applications.

  • Lightning Fast

    In addition to optimising our (your) code for greater code/memory performance, we can help you optimise your algorithms, network access, …

  • Libraries

    When we develop an application for you, we attempt to reuse as much code as possible, this includes our own custom libraries. This ensures maximal stability and decreases development time! Some examples of these libraries can be found here.


Specialised libraries performing tasks not found in the wild but extremely useful in real world projects